Please find this Thursday’s Touch draw.  Prizegiving will follow after the senior round.

Paeroa TOUCH DRAW 2018
Midgets Half Fields Year 1 & 2’s
These fields are located between the cricket pitch and the drain.
Week 9 – 13th of December 2018
Time – 4.30pm – FINALS
F1 (1st & 2nd) St Joseph Midgets 2 vs Hikutaia Bulldogs
F2 (3rd & 4th) PCS Tigers vs MAS Avatars
F3 (5th & 6th) Central Riki vs Netherton Twisters
F4 (7th & 8th) St Joseph Midgets 1 vs Netherton Dragons
F5 (9th & 10th) Tirohia Titans vs MAS Rockets
Midgets FULL Fields Year 3 & 4
Week 9 – 13th of December 2018
Time – 4.30pm – FINALS
F1 (1st & 2nd) Central Piata vs St Joseph Midgets 4
F2 (3rd & 4th) Tirohia Turbos vs Netherton Hurricanes
Midgets Half Fields
F5 (5th & 6th) MAS Grasshoppers vs St Joseph Midgets 3
F6 (7th & 8th) Netherton Storm vs Netherton Tornadoes
5.00pm LATE ROUND – F5 Hikutaia Heroes vs MAS Crickets (9th & 10th)
Juniors FULL Fields Year 5 & 6
Week 9 – 13th of December 2018
Time – 5.00pm – FINALS
F1 (1st & 2nd) Netherton Raiders vs Hikutaia Hurricanes
F2 (3rd & 4th) PCS Rockets vs MAS Blues
F3 (5th & 6th) Central Tiaho vs Netherton Roosters
F4 (7th & 8th) St Joseph Juniors vs MAS Canes
BYE Netherton Flames
SENIORS Full Fields Year 7 & 8’s
Week 9 – 13th of December 2018
Time – 5.30pm – FINALS
F1 (1st & 2nd) St Joseph 1 vs Central Matatoa
F2 (3rd & 4th) MAS Chiefs vs Netherton Steelers
F3 (5th & 6th) Netherton Storm Raiders vs Netherton Knights
F4 (7th & 8th) Central Matatu vs Karangahake Nuggets
F5 (9th & 10) Tirohia Tri – Nations vs St Joseph 2
BYE MAS Waratahs