Please find below a notice from the Mobile Dental Unit which is now located at our school.   Please read as  there is some important information in regards to consent forms needing to be signed and returned to the dental unit or school.  Thank you.


Our Mobile Dental Unit (MDU 12) is now at Miller Ave Primary.

Phone: 021 356 297

All children will be seen and treatment completed when we are here.

All children must be enrolled with the Waikato Community Oral Health Service before we can see them. If your child is new to Miller Ave or the area, please look in their school bag for a consent form for enrolment. Please complete and return this to the dental van as soon as possible.

You will receive a text 2 days in advance of your child’s appointment and we welcome parents/guardians to attend this appointment if you are able. Once your child is examined they will have a notice of advice notifying

  • No more treatment is required. OR
  • Preventative treatment is required OR
  • Further dental treatment is needed. We need consent for treatment. They will have a form in their bag that needs signing and returning before we can continue. We would really appreciate this being returned as soon as possible as future appointments are required.

We welcome you to call or visit our mobile dental unit at any time if you have any concerns or questions.


Thanks you from the MDU12 Dental Team.